Oh dear, he's at it again...

Now with 47% more gay!

30 July 1988

Some would argue that I've already been successful~ =D

Hugely into anime/manga of many types, most of all yaoi (evil fangirls have corrupted me beyond redemption. Thanks girls! <3). It was actually events at yaoicon 09 that convinced me to come back to LJ after a few years,(this site and I have issues >->;) and give a journal another try. As such, this is mostly a fandom/fanworks journal, with occasional snippets of my boring personal life. =D

About me (for stalking purposes): I'm a 23 year old gay male living in Boston, Massachusetts. The only real advantage to that is that I could get married if I cared at all about marriage. I'm about 5'11", 145 lbs. and am currently blonde.

I enjoy fanwh0ring, plotting ebil mischief, and ruining it when other people try to take long walks on the beach. That's my beach bitches, get your own!

Seriously though, I'm like the posterboy for domestic faggotry. I cook, bake, do dishes, clean, sew, do laundry, sometimes while wearing a maid outfit among other things. Or nothing at all, if the situation calls for it. ^_^ Finally, I have a cat and volunteer at a nearby shelter.

Oh, I'm also the founder, scanner, and token gay of etherealscans , a Sasuke/Naruto scanlation group.

P.S. I'm also crazy. Just thought you should know.

Here's a SasuNaruSasu yaoi AMV I made awhile ago too~

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